Dyeing Yarn - A Mad Science!

I have loved knitting and crochet for many years but fell even more in love with fibre crafts the first time I dyed yarn. I was fascinated by the entire process, from selecting the colours (endless possibilities) to watching the yarn as it gradually took up the dye. It was like my very own alchemy experiment in my dye pot and I very much felt like a mad scientist!
The finished product was even more exciting for me and even now I still get a little thrill of happiness when I hold a finished skein in my hands. I am passionate about colour and for my colourways I take inspiration from anything and everything such as nature, mythology, the books I read and even the food I eat. I hand dye each and every skein with the utmost care and attention and I really hope you enjoy using my yarns as much as I enjoyed dyeing them. Kassy x