Yarn Care

Prepping Your Yarn for Use
Your yarn will arrive in a twisted hank to keep it tangle free and will need to be wound into a ball before it can be knitted or crocheted, but this can easily be done.
  • When you untwist your hank you will notice the yarn forms a loop that is tied in three places.
  • Lay the hank onto a flat surface and gently remove these ties.
  • Two of the ties are just to keep the hank neatly together, the third tie consists of both of the loose ends of the hank.
  • Place the hank over the back of a chair and begin gently winding it into a ball by hand or using a ball winder.
Caring For Your Yarn
To keep your yarn looking it’s best I recommend hand washing gently in lukewarm water using your favourite wool wash and then allowing to air dry.